Newton Boys Bike Tours



Newton Boys Bike Tours are considered to be a men's spiritual retreat.  These are extended bike tours that require the rider to carry all of thier camping gear on their motorcycle.   The sense of freedom that is realized during these adventure tours are known to revitalize the riders sense of self.

Contact to the outside world is discouraged - though the use of personal communication devices are not prohibited.



As seasoned adventure tour guides, the Newton Boys will be sure to keep you on roads that will enchant you, and will ensure that the campfire evenings are fun.

These tours are meant for the guys.  While women are not unwelcome, they are certainly discouraged, as this is intended to be a Mens get-away rife with cigar smoking, foul language and good clean(ish) fun.

To get spousal approval, this should be billed as a 'men's spiritual retreat'.






 Is Motorcycle Camping for you?  Nights around the campfires, smoking cigars and solving the worlds problems are regarded as 'group therapy sessions'.  The calming engagement with the tarmac can only be defined as a 'centering' experience.

 If you have never camped from the back of a motorcycle, we are happy to give you advice and gear suggestions.