Idaho BDR 2018?


Camp cooking.

Camp stories.


Did I mention campfires?  Looks like the date is set and a route is planned.  July 2018 Idaho BDR.  I suspect, with this rag tag crew, that traversing one state will be an epic accomplishment.  But don't kid yourself, the campfire is the boss.  

This year has a little different flavor as last years pledge member, Tom Yarnton, will be continuing with his membership drive.  Still probationary, Tom is know for taking an abundance of bad photos and bringing some sense of reason to the group.  Who needs that anyway?  At least with Tom around we know we have a pledge member eager for bear watch.......

More updates to come..... 

Sad News From the Garage.....

Hello all, this is AJ.  I have sad news to report.  Our brother Murray was killed on his motorcycle by Big Bear Lake in Southern California while on a bike trip to Las Vegas in October.  It has taken some time to update the site and to come to terms with this loss.  Murray was very active in many motorcycle forums and was in charge of this website; he brought many people together to share in the sport he loved.  He was a significant influence in many lives and was quick to include others when he found something that was fun.  He leaves behind a young son and a fiancee.  We miss you Magic.  


Super Tenere MakeOver

Well.... My 2012 Super Tenere is getting a more comprehensive make over.  So far most of the changes I have made to the bike are protection and gadgets.  Farkles if you will.  I have all the AltRider hard parts, Rox Risers, Pivot Pegs, Garmin, Touratech adjustable windscreen mount, Touratech headlight protector, Zega Pro panniers, Twisted Throttle pipe protectors, Oxford heated hand grips, Bark Busters, Contour  Camera mounts, plastic filler panel for back end body panel, fender mounted fork inner protection, Saddleman Seat and a Bags Connection tank bag. 


So far the only component or modification I have made to change the real ride ability is my Two Brothers Racing exhaust can.  But that is about to change.  

Currently my front forks are at Ohlins getting the Ohlins treatment.   I also have an Ohlins shock they have configured for my size and riding style.  Being delivered this week from Ride On ADV is extended brake and clutch lines to deal with the extra distance introduced by the Rox Risers.  Also coming in my ECU that had been tuned by ECUnleashed with a map to accommodate my exhaust as well as the arrow header on its way from RideOnADV also.  

This will no longer your ordinary Tenere.  Now he is going to have a little more pep and a skip in his step that he hasn't had before. 

While all the parts are coming in - my bike looks like it has been in an accident, with electrical wires hanging out all over the place.   

I can't wait to review the first ride on this new ride.   


FedEx Day

Today was a busy day at the FedEx office.   I sent off the ECU from the Super Tenere to Nels over at ECUnleashed.  Looking forward to some more aggressive maps.    


Also sent the Saddlemen seat down to California.  They are going to redo the materials with something waterproof.   

Ordered Ohlins front and back - they will load the front themselves so I have to send the front legs out.  Hoping to remove  those tomorrow. 


Bike sans ECU

End of season run

Well summer 2014 is pretty much done. But AJ and I took one last opportunity to head into the western Montana mountains for a little Dual Sport adventure. 

We decided to meet in Missoula Montana, as it is about halfway between his home in Saskatchewan and mine in Portland.  That meant one full day of highway riding before we could even begin, and another full day when we were done. Deciding on an extended weekend, we lit out on Friday and planned to return on Monday.   AJ is skilled at getting to an early start - while I am not so great at it. As a result he was at the meeting point before I was despite having a considerably longer day.  


Part of the fun of these trips is the camping and more specifically the camp fire. By the time I had arrived the light was gone and AJ already had the camp site established and a fire on it's way.  Within no time we were both sitting in our Helinox chairs watching the slightly wet wood try to burn.    

Saturday was a bit of a loss.  Riding on the freeway for 9 hours had pretty much killed the last of my TKC 80 front tire and I knew I needed to get a new one before heading up into the hills.  Fortunately the local BMW dealer had the same tire in stock- so our first stop would be there to have it mounted.  We packed up our camping gear in the light rain and headed over to the dealer.  Our morning was wasted.  

With the new rubber in place we had just a couple of quick errands to run and then we could head up to the hills.  It was not to be.   While compiling supplies we discovered that AJ's bike had an issue.  No 'fan action' means overheating when riding a water cooled bike.   In a rainy parking lot we started to pull apart his bike with hope of troubleshooting this issue.  We found a blown fuse - but no idea of the cause.  Eventually we decided that we would not be able to fix this and that the cool weather would perhaps reduce the dependency on the fan.  It was time to go.    

Then ... It rained.   And I mean RAINED.    We took refuge at Hooters and had a beer.  The rain wasn't letting up so after a short while we headed out anyway.  With 30 minutes we were checking into a hotel.   Our Saturday was wasted without even one dirt road explored.   

Sunday was a great success. We woke early and packed the bikes up pretty quickly.  The hills were calling us and we wanted to respond.  With only a cursory notion of where we were going - we headed into the hills.

 We rode all over the hills. Up the hilltops and mountain peaks where possible and at one point found ourselves at a mountain top cell tower.  This riding was awesome - deer were popping out all over the place.  The two track trails varied from well established dirt roads to obscure trails carved into the stony soil.  It was exactly what we had come here for.  This was why we choose Yamaha adventure bikes in the first place.  

After running through the mountains we popped out of the forest and into a small town.  we loaded up with some light groceries and asked a local where we should go.   He told us of Rock Creek Road - which ran along a valley floor and skirted the Rock Creek River.  We were off. 

Rock Creek River is the kind of place you expect in western Montana, with beautiful scenery and fly fishermen knee deep in the river with their lines singing through the air.  The dirt road was twisty but tame and we flew along taking in the sights.  Eventually we found a deserted campsite where some previous occupant had graciously left a small pile of wood.   We set up camp by the river and had a terrific dinner of sandwiches and beans.  The campfire was epic.  

Monday morning started off early - but after cooking bacon sandwiches on our BioLite stove we didn't leave camp until almost noon.  Our planned route: back up into the hills.   

Our route basically backtracked what we had ridden on Sunday but with a lot of exploration into the less traveled trails that splinter off of the more established routes. On a couple of occasions we would have to get off our bikes and use both of us to get each bike turned around.  The trails were narrow ledges with a rock wall on one side and a sharp cliff on the other. One specific trail ended up with us on the top of a dead end ridge with valleys on both sides and in front - pictures cannot describe how awesome that point was.   

With AJ in the lead we were riding down one of the more treacherous descents of the day. I could see his stress level rising.  AJ doesn't love the steep descents and likes ruts even less. When he got into a deep muddy rut - I expected we might have our first 'off'.  I wasn't disappointed as he dumped immediately. However, I became disappointed when I discovered my Contour was out of drive space and I hadn't captured the moment on 'film'.   

AJ's dump was a slow one resulting in no damage to him nor his bike.  His pride was the only victim of the fall as evidenced by the fact that I didn't even have time to dismount and take a picture before his bike was uprighted and he was off again.   

By the time the riding day came to an end - we were exhausted and in heaven.  For both of us this had been the most trail riding we had ever done, and we were pretty happy with how it had went. 

After dinner in Missoula we found an inexpensive hotel near the freeway and called it a day.   

The next morning (Tuesday) we rolled out at about 7:00 am and each went our own way.  My bike registered 37 degrees as I started through the mountains and back home.  At least it wasn't snowing. 

Montana - we will be back.  

Getting the new site up

It is hard to appreciate the amount of time that goes into this little site.  When I look at the old Newton site ( there is a lot of content there.  That site also has pictures that I can't seem to find anywhere else.

I have put one or two of the rides in here ... much more to come.

What is worse - there is a lot of beautiful weather coming my way - and I sure would rather ride than upload pictures to a website that no-one visits.