Canadian Rocky Mountains


This journey started in Salmon Creek - Vancouver Washington.

A long first day heading  North and East from Portland to Lake Louise Canada. (750 Miles) left Murray feeling cold and damp.  It was great to connect with Lucky and his family who had already settled into a hotel.

Before heading off on their journey Lake Louise is explored and white water river rafting takes place.

Lake Louise

Before leaving Lake Louise - Lucky would have a small incident involving a pocket knife - a lime - and a finger. Despite his self inflicted would the bike trip ensued - a hospital would be visited a few days later.

From Lake Louise we headed up Glacier Parkway to Jasper. We passed by a moose on the side of the road - a moose is like an ugly horse - and if this guy had made a move at the wrong time, I am sure our adventure would have come to a swift end.

Road side glacier

Picture 023.jpg
Picture 035.jpg
 A moving body of water invokes the need for speed.

A moving body of water invokes the need for speed.

Ride through the park.




Trip Maps

2009 - Glacier National Park & Beartooth Pass


Favorite Spots

Windsor Bar

201 N Main,

Boulder, MT 59632

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Trip Odometer



Magic – 
Lucky – 
Andy – 


Magic – 1528
Lucky – 1528



Magic – 1320


Magic – 5200
Lucky – 3000
Sparky – 3000
Bollocks – 1600
Tosser – 1600



Magic – 2480

Las Vegas

Magic – 2900
Sparky – 2950


Portland to Sturgis the scenic route

Magic – 3840
Lucky – 80
Bear – 2800
Dug – 2800


Glacier and BearTooth 

Magic – 4687
Lucky – 3120
Sparky – Affiliate


Interior British Columbia 

Magic – 3400m
Lucky – 3200m