Glacier National Park -

Beartooth Pass & Canadian Prairies


A quick run East from Portland to Pullman Wa.  The next day headed into the scenic Glacier National Park - where we spent a couple of days riding around the area before heading down towards Helena.

Glacier National Park

We ended the day in Boulder Montana where we found an awesome bandit camp spot by a river.  A local pointed us to it and told us there was good fishing there.  It was great - but we were hungry and wanted to head into town.  On his way out - Lucky buried his bike up to the frame and needed a little help getting out.  

Lucky sticks it - but I think eventually one of us rode it out.

In town we stopped a local bar that looked just like you would expect a small watering hole in western Montana to look like.  It was there that we met Rusty.  Rusty could only be described as the Tony Soprano of that small town.  He was running for Mayor and owned the local restaurant/bar as well as owning the waste collection company.

Magic, Lucky and Rusty. 

Rusty had some kind of a connection with the Bandido's and told us about his biker campground that was just a few miles up a winding dirt road from where we had camped.  That night we headed up the dirt road (Lucky fell over on a very steep descent). 

That night by the fire with the local bikers was awesome.  Lucky had picked up some Patron riding shirts - and I gave mine to Rusty to seal our new bond. The fun lasted until Rusty got sick from smoking a cigar too fast and the night came to an abrupt end.

The next day we headed further south and into Yellowstone Park.  While many people love Yellowstone Park, Magic refers to it as 'YellowStain'.  We got a little lost and upon turning around found ourselves behind a mile of cars that were not moving at all. Thankfully the oncoming lane was empty, allowing us to jump to the front of the line - where we discovered a few bison had decided to nap in the road.

Our way out of Yellowstone was not without incident as a Looky Lou jammed his brakes hard so he could snap a picture of a deer.  Yep - Lucky almost crashed into this guys car because of a deer.  Who hasn't seen a deer?

Our day ended in Cody where we met up with Sparky and his family who had caged their way there.

Between Cody and Red Lodge Montana is a bit of road called the Bear Tooth Pass - and it is awesome.  We got to really enjoy the day trolling around this serpentine road up to 14000 feet elevation.  The high altitude meadows and glacier run off lakes are beautiful.  I would return to this place again.


After Riding up to Red Lodge - we took the highway back down to Cody.  Fortunately we had let off the throttle a bit by the time we picked up a ticket.  Lucky had to pee so bad he asked the Trooper what the law was about public urination and then headed for the high grass.

The camp was about the worst we have ever had - but still perfect for a nice fire - smoking cigars and a few laughs.

It was time to head north - and I decided to ride back up to Saskatoon with Lucky.  As we closed in on Saskatoon it was dark - and we must have passed at least 30 deer on the roadside in small herds.

Trip Maps

2009 - Glacier National Park & Beartooth Pass


Favorite Spots

Windsor Bar

201 N Main,

Boulder, MT 59632

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Trip Odometer



Magic – 
Lucky – 
Andy – 


Magic – 1528
Lucky – 1528



Magic – 1320


Magic – 5200
Lucky – 3000
Sparky – 3000
Bollocks – 1600
Tosser – 1600



Magic – 2480

Las Vegas

Magic – 2900
Sparky – 2950


Portland to Sturgis the scenic route

Magic – 3840
Lucky – 80
Bear – 2800
Dug – 2800


Glacier and BearTooth 

Magic – 4687
Lucky – 3120
Sparky – Affiliate


Interior British Columbia 

Magic – 3400m
Lucky – 3200m